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Without question the worlds most successful luxury watch brand. Rolex is synonymous with quality, precision, status, success and glamour. With many famous trademarks including the oyster perpetual movement and case, all modern day models are chronometer certificated meaning they offer the most accurate timekeeping in mechanical watchmaking. The brand retains a special relationship with its consumers as in every walk of life it is aspired to and admired as the best. Models such as Daytona, Submariner and Day Date have almost legendary status. The residual values are rock solid and almost always higher than comparable competitors because only an evolution and improvement of the original styles takes place. Recently Deep Sea has been launched as the biggest sports model at 44mm followed by the Explorer 2 at 42mm. Other models including GMT are 40mm. The Datejust 2 was introduced to increase the size of the classic collections to 40mm whilst many of the traditional men's models are now worn by women as case sizes for both sexes continue to increase. Without doubt the number one choice when looking for a long term companion with style and reliability and second to none. When new models are launched at The annual Basle Fair for Horology brands in Switzerland, a huge buzz of excitement surrounds only two brands! The other being Patek Philippe.